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11 Feb 2019 T7655 v1.28.0 software problems
9 May 2018 T7655 v1.25.0 software update
21 Apr 2018 Engineering channel closes - RIP Over-Air-Downloads
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Freeview HD:  T7655 T7650 T7300 Freeview:  T836 T835 T845R T825 T816 T810 Saorview:  T7660 Top Up TV:  T845
Downloading File
The site owner and Vestel cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur when attempting to use this file to update your PVR, or any problems that the software may cause. Be sure that you have selected the correct software build that is compatible with your particular PVR model as you will not be able to revert to the currently installed software unless you have the appropriate software file. Use of this software is at your risk and may void your warranty.
-Download Installation Instructions (PDF)
-Download Vestel T825 V13.0 (Logik) Software
Verified as an official UK release build - Hosted by this site
Please note: Vestel are not responsible for the content or funding of this website. The software available via the above link is provided free of charge. However, any donations which help keep this site up and running are always appreciated.
Link: A guide to updating your PVR's software - similar process used on all SD models
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