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9 May 2018 T7655 v1.25.0 software update
21 Apr 2018 Engineering channel closes - RIP Over-Air-Downloads
28 Aug 2016 T7655 v1.22.1 software over-air-download
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31 Aug 2015Freeview HD encoder update fixes audio problem
Earlier this month, the broadcast level encoders for the PSB3 and COM7 multiplexes (these hold all the HD channels and some DVB-T2 SD channels) were updated and now fix an issue that triggered audio glitches/pops/clicks on PVRs, using Broadcom chipsets, made by various manufacturers. This issue started in October 2014 on PSB3 when there was previous encoder update, but had always occurred even before then on COM7.

In December 2014, Vestel and Broadcom had provided a software fix for this in the latest Emerald-based T7655 PVR models, which was publicly released in April 2015 (v1.20.2). Earlier models did not receive this fix, but thanks to the encoder changes, the problem is no longer an issue for T7300, T7655 and T7555 Amber2 owners too (for now, at least).

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