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9 May 2018 T7655 v1.25.0 software update
21 Apr 2018 Engineering channel closes - RIP Over-Air-Downloads
28 Aug 2016 T7655 v1.22.1 software over-air-download
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6 Oct 2015T835 boxes crashing and rebooting
It has recently been reported that Vestel T835 boxes have started mysteriously rebooting themselves during various operations. This issue may possibly also affect T825 boxes. Although the precise cause is currently unknown, it is believed to be related to the increase in the number of channels available on Freeview. The T835 was originally developed and tested when there were less than 100 channels, but now there are over 140 at the time of writing, many of which are internet streaming channels (which require a Freeview HD device) or placeholders.

The recommended way to avoid this problem is to delete any unwanted channels from the channel list and to ensure low power mode is enabled in the configuration settings screen. Deleting channels also has the benefit of making the EPG more faster and responsive, and it won't slow down so quickly the longer the box is in use. Also, it is important to perform a retune whenever there are major channel changes on the Freeview platform (channels moving to a different multiplex, for example).

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