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9 May 2018 T7655 v1.25.0 software update
21 Apr 2018 Engineering channel closes - RIP Over-Air-Downloads
28 Aug 2016 T7655 v1.22.1 software over-air-download
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9 May 2018T7655 v1.25.0 software update
Yesterday, Vestel released a software update for Bush and Hitachi branded T7655 boxes that run the Emerald software platform. If your box is connected to the internet via the ethernet socket on the back, you may find it has already automatically installed the update (if you have that feature enabled, otherwise there is an option in the menus to manually check and update). Should your box not be connected to the internet, you may wish to perform the update via a USB memory stick - the update files are now available for download for both Bush and Hitachi (be sure to pick the correct one!). Unfortunately, it will not be available as an over-air-download as that facility was shut down at the end of April (affects all devices and manufacturers).

The exact changes in this release since v1.22.1 are unknown apart from a fix for the BBC apps which had stopped working. Presumably, there have been quite a few other fixes due to the jump in version number. This version has been deemed stable after several months of testing.

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